As we age, our bodies and minds develop patterns and behaviors that become very challenging to change in our older and wiser years. We can have the desire to grow stronger, get into better shape, focus our attention more clearly, but the older we are the harder it is to commit to our desires for change.

This is why I strongly encourage you to consider this form of early intervention yoga with your children. I know that I would have benefitted tremendously from a yoga practice as a child. My body would have developed in a more healthy and balanced way, I could have probably avoided being diagnosed with scoliosis, and my confidence and communication skills, which I struggled with often, would have been more accessible as well.

The three things that have been constants in my life are children, yoga, and art. These three things have provided me with balance, individuality, strength, and awareness and they also allow me the gift of passing those qualities along to others whom I get to teach. I would be honored if you’d consider me as one of your teachers so that I can continue passing along the gifts that yoga has given me.